Casts and copies

Making casts and copies is also a technique I use. Not only copies of Stone Age tools and arrowheads, but also bases or artificial bodies to stuffings, are things I cast.

In addition, it’s also possible to make copies of old brackets or other decorative objects that need restoration.

The mould is performed in silicone or, in a few occasions, Alginoplast (as we know from the dentist).The object is then cast in epoxy, plaster, jasmonite, latex or polyurethane (PU) foam. Look here for a photo report on how to make a casting mould.

A good mould can be used many times.

The colour is either mixed in the cast material or the item is painted afterwards, sometimes in a combination. As a conservator, you have to pass the Ishihara coulorblindness-test. Air-brush techniques and retouching is taught in seminars.

This Eider is standing on a copy of a piece
of cliff from Kulen (S), cast in fiberconcrete.

Redfish, cast in epoxy.

Stone age axes, cast in epoxy (m) and jasmonite (l),
the one to the right is the original.