DANAKONS is an authorized zoological and natural historic conservation workshop.

The orders I take in vary between conservation of animals, mounting hunting-trophies, tanning of skin and copying of e.g. Stone age tools, but also production of deer-leg knife shafts and fixing of insects is part of my field.

Different techniques are used for conserving. Stuffing, freeze-drying, maceration and wet preparation are a few and among other things I work with are embedding and plastination.

Also cleaning, repair and restorations of old stuffing, is something I can take care of.

And then, I have sometimes repaired things that were beyond repair.

On top of it I am working on a series of chicken-chicks that show remarkable human qualities. More about this under the ‘conservation’ section.

DANAKONS is a member of the Danish Zoological Conservator Union.


The Flying Dutchman is the company’s other branch, which provides lighting design and scenography.

I design lighting for theatre, music and dance, besides design of garden lighting. Amidst the pieces I designed lighting for are ‘Grease’ and ‘West Side Story’. Furthermore I designed lighting for a range of Danish theatre plays, as a free-lance lighting designer and scenographer in cooperation with directors like Niels ‘Peregrine’ Andersen, Lars Illum, Jan Fogt, Lars von Trier and Jens Arntzen.

The last years, I have been regularly involved in ‘Haslev Festival‘ as a lighting designer and stage-technician in the beautiful ‘Ridehal’ on Gisselfeld Castle.

Holger Drachmann’s ‘Der var engang’, which is planned in the autumn holidays of 2013 will be my forth play after ‘Gøngehøvdingen’ (’07), ‘Troldtøjet’ (’09) and ‘Aladdin’ (’11).


Finally, The Flying Dutchman provides exhibition consult, among others as a regular consultant at Køng Museum.